JaCoB The Band

JaCoB The Band, is a Hudson Valley New York area trio of young musicians.   The band made their festival stage debut this summer at The New Orange County Fair, opening for Manchester Orchestra, Badflower and AJR.

The band’s unique name is a clever portmanteau of the three members first names, “Ja” for drummer Jake, “Co” for bassist Conor and “B” for guitarist and lead singer, Brooke. Influenced by the alternative rock bands of their youth, JaCoB has a familiar but wholly original sound.

Not trying to shy away from their DIY aesthetic, their debut EP is simply titled “Jake’s Basement” named for where it was recorded. Featuring 3 original songs: Overboard, Perfect Choice and Troubled Times, the EP is currently available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on iTunes. A full length album is also in the works.

JaCoB's first studio recorded Single
JaCoB's first studio recorded Single
JaCoB's Debut EP, "Jake's Basement"